He impacted us last year. Rising Canadian hyperpop star ElyOtto became TikTok famous, trending everywhere. His quirky wonky pop wasn’t the novelty many might have suspected. The seventeen-year-old singer, songwriter and producer, didn’t “Sugarcrash!” and burn out with ideas as spontaneously as he appeared. He’s carried on producing zany TikToks for his fandom. After inking a deal with RCA has also been at work perfecting more earworms. He’s just unleashed “Profane“, the follow up to “Sugarcrash!“. A one-word description of it would be to call it incendiary.

I have a suspicion about “Profane” and ElyOtto having made it as a way of explaining some of the darker themes behind the making of “Sugarcrash!“. We heard the pretty glitchy music, but the lyrics were anything but cute. They were instead quite savage. Dealing with depression and alluding to doing drugs heavily. “Profane” seems to pick back up on this theme. Speaks about how the singer/producer didn’t necessarily envisage or wanted the track to go viral in the way it did. “Went through the effort laced it with profanities, wasn’t enough to keep it from the nursery”, he states on “Profane“.

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Anyways, he has gone all out to ensure that fate doesn’t repeat itself on “Profane“. The beats got darker. The mood got darker. Style-wise it doesn’t sound anything like a chiptune or that it belongs in an arcade game. ElyOtto has instead obliterated all traces of saccharine sweetness. Until there is not one speck of it left. He responded by injecting some frenetically styled, glitchcore musical crack in its place. For those who poured scorn on ElyOtto. While insinuating that “Sugarcrash!” wasn’t hyperpop enough. Well, he bona fide went there and has done it on “Profane“. Don’t rule him out for coming back again and again with something similarly untamed and badass.

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