Yes, Yes and three times yes. Why? Because, the music style of New York singer-songwriter, producer Dominique has undergone a brilliant reinvention. Since her 2018 release, of the sassy “Payup,” Dominique took some time out from releasing her own stuff. Instead, she turned to working on other music projects and honing her production skills. In the two years since we last heard from her, she’s been broadening her artistic strengths. Leaving her a with bolder perspective and fired up with new ambition, about her music-making. She’s become more enterprising about taking a new direction, that she’s released two tracks simultaneously, “Girls Can’t Produce – Give Up” and “Priority.

Dominique had been prepping the release of “Priority” as her comeback track, whereas the “Girls Can’t Produce – Give Up” launch came about more organically. (Last week she posted, a quick, song, she made in the space of a few hours on TikTok. It received over 2 million views. It was made, in response to, a man who told her “Girls Can’t Produce, Give Up” it had so much support and demand for a full version, team Dominque unexpectedly released it on the same day as “Priority.”)

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Even before the naysayer stepped in, Dominique had been challenging herself like never before. In the press release, she explains of the new music – “I realised that I don’t want to be making music for “easy listening.” Hurrah for that, unfortunately, it is just this, that too many emerging artists fail at and why they end up fading into the background.

Applying her new beliefs to “Priority,” Dominique, concentrates even harder on the production. Plucking influences from PC Music and Charli XCX. The New Yorker’s style reinvention has slide evermore to the alternative, left-of-field side of the pop spectrum. Where her vocals are now served chopped up and edgy. A future-forward styling, hurtling towards the K-pop side which really suits.

Of, the meaning of the song – Dominique says, “it is pretty straightforward. If someone never learned how to love, nothing you do will teach them how to. You can be that persons biggest support system and try to, right every wrong in their life, but nothing you do will teach them how to love you back in the same way.”

In a funny, way 2020, has helped with Dominique’s reset. Take a listen to “Priority.” I think you’ll agree she’s got quite a sound going for her.

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