I have to ask myself what was I thinking leaving the super sassy track “Payup” by Dominique, rattling around in my inbox for so long (it was released yesterday.) That’s a whole 24 hours ago. It’s true to say I haven’t been won over by all of her works to date. Although the NYC -based pop artist and producer did perk up my ears with her track from 2015, “I Think I’m Fallin” which at the time I was compelled to write some very nice comments about.

What I can say is, I’ve been waiting on Dominique to bring about a bigger slice of individualism within the style of her music. She went some way to achieving this with “Use Me” the single from last year yet, on “Payup” she has aced it in all areas of her musicality. Stylistically, the song slaps. It has an injection of skittering electronic beats giving the track some spiciness of hip-hop styled flavours. Whereas with her vocal, she ventures into singing sweetly on the verses, interspersing the candy dipped vocal chops for that of rapping on the chorus sections, which she nails confidently.

It is as though with this song, Dominique has learned to embrace the concept that production, songwriting and singing styles are limitless. I feel she has struck upon the direction in which to take her music forward. Which is somewhat looped in a similar vein of what DEV does.

Speaking of the track, Dominique says

“I wrote “Payup” about being trapped in a relationship where I felt like I was giving everything and getting nothing in return. In the song, I reach my breaking point and demand payment for my time and energy. I wrote this song after the relationship had ended, and it portrays the confidence and self-respect that I wish I’d had and the words I wish I would’ve said.”

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