Like so many musicians, singers and pop artists, Josef Salvat has an album release yet to tour. The singer-songwriter released his very, good sophomore album “modern anxiety” last year. A lyrically driven body of work exploring queer identity and documenting a journey to self-acceptance. The Australian’s, soft flowing melodic style of electronica brought about, sonic, dreamy offerings. Easy listenable melodies teamed with narratives which dive deeper, than a gentle scratch beneath the surface.

There was a four-year wait between Joseph’s albums, the debut “Night Swim” arrived in 2016. This is not a pattern Josef is sticking to, after his 2020 release he has been super quick to follow-up with the EP “The Close/Le Réveil.” It is being released in three parts, not as singles. Part II arrived on Friday replete with the strikingly electro-evocative track “One More Night.” Quite simply, you really, need this track on your radar, here’s why.

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There is an air of haunting transcending over “One More Night.” Chill grooves create an ambience which is, all at once soothing and yet steeped in mysterious tones. The lyrics really, do help out with understanding Joseph’s intentions with the song. (I had my own, suspicions about the meaning behind the track. I had little or no doubt of it being about holding on to someone when you should instead be letting them go). I wasn’t, prepared, however, for how far Josef would go with letting, us into his headspace. It turns out he is very accomodating. The content is provocative (might, even make you blush) and candid. He takes the listener to the heat between the sheets. And, not so discreetly, shares details of the bedroom encounter, he yearns, for. Unreservedly, Salvat’s no-filter lyricism marks it out as a pivotal track for the singer-songwriter.

“It’s, very vaguely framed around Kübler-Ross’ 5 stages of grief after a loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. But as I say, vaguely. The EP gradually gets lighter as you listen through. It was cathartic to make. It’s the first time I’ve made anything where there is an important creative purpose underpinning the track order, don’t expect singles upfront etc. In fact, don’t expect singles at all.” Josef said about the EP release.

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