Although I failed to mention it on this blog. A brilliant Josef Salvat track – “I’m Sorry” was released in September 2021. (I do have a valid excuse for this oversight, though. At the time I was away on holiday). Despite this, I am nonetheless determined to keep up to speed with the singer-songwriters latest project. On February 18th, he is releasing a new album called “Islands“. And since I missed the track “The Drum” as well, it gives me much relief to put the latest Josef Salvat song “Promiscuity” on your radar.

The song title does a good job telling us what this track is about. But why write it? Josef describes it as a “sex-positive anthem.” The blurb on his website says, “The track is a tongue-in-cheek bop for the end of the world, full of unforgettable melodies and Josef’s trademark witty lyricism.”

“When there’s nothing to do, cause the whole world is screwed. You just gotta let go. Whether you’re 18 or 80. It’s never too late just give it a go.” Being a fascinating example of this whip-smart songwriting.

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I had a plan to feature “Promiscuity” on the blog this week (I marked it on my schedule). By coincidence, only yesterday, I was reading an interview with Josef in the Tom Stichbury “Guilty Pleasures” column of the free Metro newspaper. It is a short but compelling read where Josef openly denounces shame around sex and relationships. (You might be able to check it out on e-edition of the newspaper HERE).

If you like the music of Prince, (who doesn’t!). The pint-size, pop funkster’s, track “Kiss,” and retro-pop-styled songs. You will likeliest lose your mind over Josef’s latest single “Promiscuity“. In my opinion, nu-retro like this has never sounded as hot.

Check the track out if you’re a hard-wired 80s pop geek. You will love it. I am so sure I’ll wager my last Monty Bojangles vegan truffle on it.

Support, support, support. Now that Josef is an independent artist, he has had to make the unfortunate decision to cancel both UK and European tours. I feel the heartbreak every time I see an artist make announcements like this, still. It’s too sad. I hope he can find another way to perform “Islands” soon.

The album “Islands” comes out via Leafy Outlook on February 18th – Pre-order HERE

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