Listening to the “This Beat Is Poptronik Year-End 2021” playlist over the holidays. My mind went back to the uplifting Zyra track “Hearts On Fire” I mentioned on the blog last summer. It remains a great track, and it was a great introduction to the London-based, platinum-selling independent artist. Zyra has kept herself very busy since I wrote about her in June. A few months after releasing her EP “Hearts On Fire“, her debut LP “Therapy” came out in October. She didn’t stop there. On Christmas Eve, she released another new track called “Obvious” (a track not on the “Therapy” album).

Since her first solo outing as a producer, Zyra has come a long way in very little time. While in lockdown, it is apparent she has worked tirelessly and continues to do so even now. The arrival of “Obvious” builds on her impressive streak of releases. She achieves this by implementing glossy elements of EDM production, nailing the songwriting and vocals. I also appreciate Zyra’s spirit, unleashing this upbeat track in an otherwise quiet release week. Mercifully someone decided to put out a bop. Thankfully it was Zyra. I’d like to commend her for keeping my ears perky when Christmas track releases took on a new level of crazy this holiday.

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I watched the special edition of Top of the Pops on the television on New Year’s Eve. In this programme, most of the focus was on up-and-coming artists. My overall impression of this show. I was disappointed in what I saw and heard. It just makes me realise, even more, I don’t hear enough of DIY musicians or female producers in pop like Zyra. And that’s what makes her special.

If you enjoyed “Obvious” (you’ve streamed it, right?), make sure to get acquainted with Zyra’s debut album “Therapy” also (HERE). It’s way hot. I guarantee you’ll not want to skip a track. If anyone writes in to tell me otherwise, I’ll force myself to listen to “Sausage Rolls For Everyone” by LadBaby. Should that not demonstrate how convinced I am you’ll like “Therapy“, I don’t know what does.

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