Hearing all the bops performed at Eurovision the other week has made my ears hungry for more. I kind of have, not, listened to much EDM or dance music during the pandemic because I like it best when I can turn up the volume a bit when I’m listening. This has proved more difficult when stuck at home with the rest of the family and out of courtesy to my neighbours who have similarly been stuck at home also. With everyone starting to head out of the home more, means I get to slip back into my old ways. Could there be a better time for this to happen than summertime? I think not! The latest release from ZYRA “Heart’s On Fire” was first up, on blast on my stereo, during my listening sesh this weekend.

London-based and platinum-selling, independent artist ZYRA has already made quite a name for herself while collaborating on the production duo ODESZA tracks “Say My Name” and “It’s Only“. What you might not know is, her artistic strengths go beyond being the voice you hear on these songs. She may have started out as a singer-songwriter, but lately, she has branched out into production also. The release of the “Heart’s On Fire” EP and the subsequent focus title track marks ZYRA’s first solo outing as a producer.

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About the release ZYRA says,

“There are plenty of male producers in their fifties, but female producers, especially in pop, are so much rarer. There need to be more girls inspired to create their own music and take control of the process, and hopefully, I can be someone’s inspiration someday.”

I can vouch for ZYRA’S intentions. She has poured a lot of multi-disciplines into her buzzy EP release. It is a great upbeat and uplifting, infectious listen while particularly showcasing her grasp of creativity and musicality. The next time you get to go clubbing it wouldn’t in the least surprise me to learn about a full-on assault of ZYRA’s bangers making it onto the in-house DJ’s setlist. It feels long overdue to experience feelings of euphoria again. The inescapable grooviness of the “Heart’s On Fire” EP from ZYRA brings those vibes, home.

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