The last time, I looked in at EDM duo Midnight Kids was just before last Christmas. Dylan and Kyle were promoting the release of “Run It” featuring Annika Wells. The stunning track went on to reach #1 at US Dance Radio. Although, what we were not aware of at the time, the guys had a much bigger plan they were working on. The putting together of their debut EP “The Lost Youth” for RCA Records. The track “Monsters” became the lead-in focus of the EP. A track of wonderment and vision. Relatability and living in the moment.

Although uncredited with a feature, it is co-writer of the track Michelle Buzz who provides the vocals on the Midnight Kids latest glowing effort. The vibe feels cute and sparkly, as much as the music of Owl City is, in fact, there is a lot of resemblances to Adam Young’s electronic project. Not least, observational lyrics about life and its emotions. The EP as a whole takes a look at the years we spend growing up. Remembering the sense of adventure, the thrill and urgency to pack as much into this time of our lives before we enter adult-hood taking on the responsibilities which undoubtedly come with it.

Being that 2020 has taken us on a wild ride. I guess lately, many of us have been thinking about when life was less complicated and times were much simpler. “The Lost Youth” EP is a fizzing, morale booster. A tonic of youthfulness, vitality and lyrical document about grabbing at life’s special moments. Having undergone the biggest reboot, we could not ever have imagined might happen, chances are our outlook on life has seen a change. To better ourselves, be kinder, to appreciate the little things even more. The Midnight Kids achieved what they set out to do with these songs. They have captured the essence of youth. The immediate future is when we should try recapturing it for ourselves, with every bit of uplifting joy and valuing each and every moment of every day. Similar to the lyrical message carried in this EP.

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Twitter: @midnightkids

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