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As you maybe aware, Sweden’s Melodifestivalen is currently in the full-swing of rounding up its heat selection winners in seeking out who will have the honour of representing them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. As each year passes artists, some familiar along with new faces too more often than not, show Europe their enviable ability in crafting prestige, pop songs at a premium.

As we know the pool of talent over there is vast, and offers perhaps some of the richest pickings of new emerging acts in the field of pop and electronic-pop this side of the Atlantic.

So when being approached with news of a new up-and-coming act to check-out, the general consensus leads me to think, the accent will be firmly onside of cutting it fresh.

A situation I’d note Pajala residing duo The Magnettes to be finding themselves in.

Suspicion leads me to think, that you’ve never heard of the Swedish region Pajala as I’ve never heard of it either, but I am informed it borders onto Finland, which I’m thinking is probably giving a clue as to the slightly more ethereal shift which carries the melodic thread of the duo’s track “Killers In A Ghost Town”.

I’m sure the song title has hinted at you, that this is more of an anti-pop song. And yep the girl duo of Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla proudly quote themselves as “non-normative and in control,” “Riot Grrls,” “goths,” “witches,” or “Sisters Of The Ugly Youth.

On the scale of statement wielding defiantly angsty Swedish pop, The Magnettes find themselves among the company headed up by Icona Pop and Death Team, which by this recognition you will know this is as a cool placing to be finding some allocation.

In the case of The Magnettes though, it’s not so much that these two give a rivalled level of spikily assertive presentation as either Icona Pop or Death Team are taken to spit fire with. No, The Magnettes are more with the tactic of sliding in lyrically embellished retorts carried by their Scandically sweet but spookily tinged vox as way of championing the underdogs and shooting down the haters.

I don’t know what’s more effective, the all out shoutiness of their peers, or the on-the face of it subtlety that The Magnettes are giving. I think on this basis of this the duo are inclined towards to being seen as Icona Pop for the deeper thinkers. Rather like a Swedish mirroring of our own noir disco defiant, pop act the Lovestarrs.

Let’s be honest, that’s enough encouragement to see you reaching for the play button isn’t it?!