How very, interesting and also an utter surprise. For the first time in five years, alt-electronic musician Mr Fogg has shared a new track called “In Paradise.” In the first instance, this seems a strange time for making a comeback. But, all the same also feels like a window has opened especially to allow this wonderful, new innovative electronic release into the world.

Mr Fogg, if you might remember, is a musical visionary. In placing where he fits in, within the electronic sphere, referring to him as a male version of Imogen Heap, pretty much gives the fairest description. His wickedly, refreshing compositions have intrigued and spellbound us for the past decade. Namely, because we’ve come to know the gently soothing melodies he provides us with will spark our imagination into thinking about the topics he pushes forward onto our radar, under a new light.

There has been plenty to make us feel despondent and dampen down our hopefulness, being shared in the news bulletin for months. It is not wrong to question or wonder when will it all end, or crave a return to normalcy. It is instinctive that we, think harder about these things, probably more so now than we would in our usual, ordinary day to day lives. “In Paradise” speaks of the changes we’ve had to make to protect ourselves from keeping the threat of danger from closing in around us. How when we examine, the finer details under a thought-provoking microscope, we can stumble upon a little something to be appreciative of.

Mr Fogg speaks directly about the track

“Where I live, deep in the countryside, the roads are empty of cars. There are no planes in the sky. It is perfectly silent. I spend all day at home with my family, and when I leave the house once a day I see nobody else on the footpath. We are sealed off from the rest of the world with the sunshine and the apple blossom. On the surface, we are living in paradise. But we are only here because we are in the midst of a global crisis that is killing thousands of people every day. Holding those two ideas in your head at the same time is exhausting and disorienting. And this song is the best way I know to express that.”

Taking on board all of the above, the musician shared regarding this release. He really did that on “In Paradise.”

It is not likely that this is a standalone release, Mr Fogg also mentioned when launching “In Paradise” that “There are scraps of another thirty or forty song ideas on my computer waiting for my attention, but this is a start.”

At last, some amazing news.

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