The brilliant electronica wizard Mr Fogg reached out to me recently over email. He gave me the heads up about the new album. “In Paradise” (his first for seven years, that is now out on all DSPs). I have long since admired Fogg’s innovative style of musicianship (see HERE). He is super talented in many strengths. Gorgeous lush electronic soundscapes are just one area where Fogg excels. In lieu of an album review. I will instead say, the arrival of “In Paradise” provides blissful ear-pleasing sonics and plenty of Fogg’s gorgeous soothing electronica.

Speaking about his return to making music, he says…

“For years I didn’t write or record a single musical idea. And I really didn’t know how I felt about the first three Mr Fogg albums.

But every now and then, somebody would message me to tell me they had been listening to my songs and tell me how much they enjoyed them. And eventually, I plucked up the courage to listen to the music and realised that some of it, was, actually, you know, pretty good.

So I started recording snippets of ideas on my phone, with the half-idea that I would get around to making something of them one day.”

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We turn to music for a variety of reasons. For example, it is useful to help keep us feeling uplifted. Or where we turn when we are feeling vulnerable and need reassurance also. I strongly believe music is the therapy for the soul. By the same token, the beautiful music of Mr Fogg is the perfect choice for seeking solace in.

Coinciding with the album release, Fogg has also unleashed the track “Living Underwater” as a single. I would say the track has some definite minimalist Radiohead resemblance about it. There is no lasting doubt Fogg is using this music to change perceptions about what electronic music is. It can be bangs and crashes and very pop, but also striking, beautiful and graceful. Like what I found on the album “In Paradise” and the single “Living Underwater“.

The music isn’t the only part of the “In Paradise” project which is breathtakingly exquisite. The official music video directed by Harjinder Grewal for “Living Underwater.” A clip that features Spanish performance artist Paloma Hurtado. Is a similarly spellbinding watch.

Readers, I urge you to first, soak up the utter gorgeousness of the video. Then lose yourself in the magnificent soundscapes of the spectacular Mr Fogg album “In Paradise” as soon as you can.

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