Have you heard multiple JUNO Award-nominated artist Shawn Hook’s new single “I Don’t Wanna Dance” yet? The track which is released on Ultra Music is pretty electronic-pop spectacular to say the very least. It’s a bop and very dancey, but a strong, emotional song as well. A good combination of all facets with the boldest key ingredient being, electronic-pop. The track stands apart as quite a pleasant departure from the previous soulful edged offerings Shawn has brought to the table as a singer, songwriter and producer, force. Furthermore, I couldn’t help but be swept up even further into the song by way of the alluring, neon themed lyric video. (I think it’s because of how it reminded me of Christmas lights and how their cheery glow always helps me to get through the darkness of short winter days.)

The fact is when I first heard “I Don’t Wanna Dance” I got a shivery feeling which travelled speedily from my ears right down to my bones. While clearly being accessible pop, it is pretty attractive as all good earworms are. It amazes me that I haven’t seen many people pick up on this track as yet, but maybe it is because like everybody stateside has had their heads crammed with news, reviews and summing-up in the wake of the GRAMMY’s. Usually, the world of pop is so fast-paced. When the GRAMMY’s come to town, it seems to be the case of clearly not so much, when Billie Eilish is the talk of the town anyway.

I don’t for one-minute hate on Billie, her success, or achievements. It’s phenomenal what has happened with her. There is really no comparison to make in regards to her music style and that of Shawn Hook. I’m just feeling super strongly, that “I Don’t Wanna Dance” is a genuinely stunning electronic-pop track that’s all. As his Ultra Music/Records label debut, this is a liberating new sound for Shawn. He could well turn out to be one of their most significant voices this year.

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