Sydney based singer-songwriter Nick Pes started to release new music again last year. We covered the track “The Feeling” because like so many of his previous releases, the song had a sunny like disposition and I loved the shimmering synth-pop met with heartfelt lyricism. I am happy to say Nick has kept to his promise of unleashing many more tracks. He’s dropped a very fine new specimen “How Many Broken Hearts“, a quite danceable and uplifting effort when compared to many of his dreamier, electronic offerings.

What Nick wants to know now is, “How Many Broken Hearts” before you…(find the one, presumably.) The song is so positively upbeat, I swear he already knows the answer to the question he is asking (likeliest to have found his own prince charming, is suitably loved-up and all that.) A scroll through Nick’s Instagram grid does indeed imply this is the case. Great, it is nice to have my heart warmed up a little, even though I don’t buy into the schmalz of celebrating Valentine’s day. (I got engaged and then married a few days before the 14th of February, just because it made sense to my partner and myself. It gave us a real sense of meaning to the annual ritual, dedicated to love and romance. Plus we didn’t feel like we were buying into it nor being completely anti-valentine’s either.)

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Again, I would send a love-ballad packing as I’m much more in favour of Valentines vibing to disco-pop. Nick Pes got it so right with “How Many Broken Hearts.” Plus this slip into the dance-pop arena really suits him too. The groundwork has been laid, I do hope Nick will consider breaking into this style a little more often as it is a thrilling new sound for him. Check it out, am I right…or am I right?…

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