When I’m in the mood for chilled, evocative electronica with a distinctive summery feel, I know the music of Australian singer Nick Pes is a surefire bet to reach out to. It’s been three years since he last put out any music, but recently he’s fired up his pen and ink, written and recorded some new tracks and jumped back into release mode. “The Feeling” is his first offering this year. A glistening slice of shimmering synth-pop, heartfelt lyricism met with scrumptious harmonies and vocals.

If there is one thing I’ve come to know about Nick’s singing style over time, it is that his vocals resonate with earnest feelings. Even when he is made to grapple with difficult emotions in a heartbreak pop song like “The Feeling.” He’s out here giving it his best shot when the hurt is still raw and being worked through. I didn’t realise until I tuned into this track, how much I needed to hear some lovely harmonies. Nick has delivered some really, dreamy, soothing sounds. I feel put at ease, that a sense of calm has descended upon me. His inviting voice is right there upfront like a lovely sunny kind of day.

Nick didn’t get to film the music video he had planned out for this track. I think he’s done rather well turning his living room into an intimate glittery club setting. Dancing on his own at the disco didn’t need to be anything more glitzy than this, to heighten the message of the song. The quiet, intimate mood created here with the use of just a few props turns the focus onto the lyrics and vocals more. Nick well and truly got caught in his feels for the track and it is instantly noticeable, that we readily pick up on these feelings as well. For those of you who appreciate a good, authentic, honest pop song, this one is for you.

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