It’s true that if you’re a fan of Sigala‘s music, you’re likely familiar with Bryn Christopher. He’s provided vocals on the BRIT-nominated artist, producer, and DJs tracks, including the popular 2015 hit “Sweet Lovin‘.” Not only did Bryn lend his soulful vocals to the track, but he also co-wrote it. In fact, Bryn has co-written and penned many hits for other artists, including Melanie C and Louis Tomlinson. Additionally, you may recognize Bryn from his work with the electronic band – I See Monstas.

With that said, evidently Bryn Christopher is no stranger to the music industry. However, as a songwriter behind the hits, he has reached a point where the spotlight is beckoning him to a career as a solo artist. Whereby recently, he released his first solo vocal effort of 2023. A song called “High,” written and recorded with DJ producers Jodie Harsh and Laconic. Bryn is excited to see where this new journey takes him as he embarks on a new chapter in what is already an illustrious music journey to date.

As a result of his extensive collaborations with Sigala. It’s no surprise that Bryn Christopher’s solo release features a dancefloor, pop-crossover aesthetic. However, what sets him apart are the soulful powerhouse vocals he brings to the table, showcasing his pop star quality.

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It’s always inspiring to see artists use their platform to share their personal stories and struggles with the world. Similarly, regarding “High” – the release is a deeply personal song that draws from his own journey towards self-acceptance.

“When I sing ‘I prayed and it didn’t work‘, that’s me looking back at a time when I really, really didn’t want to be gay,” he says while further adding, “Obviously now as an adult, I’m really proud of being gay. It isn’t all that I am, but I do think it has helped to shape me as a person and an artist. And it can give me a very unique perspective in songwriting sessions.”

Bryn Christopher is a force to be reckoned in the music industry. With his exceptional skills as a songwriter and his soulful powerhouse vocals, he already proved himself as a top artist. If you haven’t checked the music yet, you’re missing out on the next big thing. Keep an eye out for this rising star in 2024, he’s bound to take the music world by storm.

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