If you type the name and Daniel Oliver and “Feels Like Home” into the google image search, it will mostly direct you to pictures of the current James Bond actor Daniel Craig or Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) or countless articles by Karl over at Scandipop. FACT! Why was I searching for, a) Daniel Oliver and b) “Feels Like Home.” I was trying to locate a nice picture because the Icelandic singer Daniel Oliver contacted me about his latest track “Feels Like Home” that was released on Friday. And being that the track boasts an 80s synth-pop aesthetic. I totally wanted to share the track with the EQ readers, ie. you.

Daniel began releasing music in 2011. A decade later in 2021, he’s about to drop his debut album. “Feels Like Home” is the first taste, he says, “Hope you are all in the mood for the 80’s season because this will be a crucial 80’s year for me.”

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Daniel also took to social media to explain he’s deleted a lot of his old posts. Stating,

“Making my first album made me realize I’ve almost always written songs I think others wanna hear instead of writing from my heart, music that I would love to listen to. So this is a new chapter, literally!! Hope you follow me on this new journey.”

With all that has been hinted at thus far, (which amounts to, very little in fact.) I’m hoping Daniel’s tracks will be bathed in inspirational homage to other esteemed pop artists from the 80s. I want to hear where the ideas have stemmed from and how he has carved out a new style in sound for himself as well. The intro to “Feel Like Home” immediately has me ticking off boxes. Sure sounds a lot similar to the opening bars of the Pet Shop Boys classic track “It’s A Sin” to me. On “Feels Like Home” Daniel sure does love to make a feature of the drum-machine as the track soon roars off into “Drive” the movie soundtrack territory.

Talk about flying off of the starter’s block Daniel has certainly done all that. This is an epic album lead-in track and with the promise of so much more, seems as though Daniel Oliver will have us synth-pop spoiled for some time yet.

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