When he said he was striving for neon-lit, 80’s inspired synthpop vibes for his debut album, the Icelandic singer-songwriter Daniel Oliver meant every word. Since first setting my ears a, tingling with his very good, electrifying, synth-filled track “Feels Like Home,” in March, he’s swiftly back with the follow-up release. Staying true to his promise, “Jaded” again evokes the same kind of 80s styled music, teenage me would listen to on my boombox, pretty much every minute that I had the chance. (From an early age music was, and still is my life. I was so lucky to have cool parents who were, still are music lovers too. As when playing my favourite tunes of the day (mostly 80s electronic pop of course) never did they once insist, I turn the volume down).

It’s the music I grew up with, so of course, I still love and enjoy the 80s influence in today’s pop as well. When previously writing about Daniel Oliver’s track “Feels Like Home” I made a point of acknowledging, what I felt the influences may have been, inspiring the neon-drenched direction. I mentioned the Pet Shop Boys and the soundtrack to the cult classic movie “Drive“. When immersing myself into the synthiness of Daniel’s music again, this time on the new track “Jaded” I’m hearing a good dollop of A-ha “Take On Me” amazingness peeping up in that incredible bassline.

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He sings about feeling, “jaded, jaded. My serotonin is faded, faded.” And about the someone who has the remedies to “make me better, make me raise the bar”. “I reached out for your hand and there you are,” he sings. Well, lyrics like that also screams “Take on Me” by A-ha influence to me. But I love all of this because who didn’t get all swoony over A-ha back in the day.

Sonically, “Jaded” is an upbeat track with staccato beats and assured vocals. I am a fan of this new Daniel Oliver, blissful synth-pop era, but am still ready to hear more!

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