I must admit I haven’t given a thought about Billy Idol in many years. Teenage me remembers being introduced to the singer’s high-velocity punk rock tracks “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell” during the 80s. Along with his spiked, peroxide hair-do, Billy was similarly a shock to the system. He didn’t conform to the emerging new wave scene with its pretty boys like Duran Duran or Depeche Mode, Idol’s infamous snarled lip and anti-pop aesthetic didn’t fit in. We were not ready for “Eyes Without a Face” a much softer synth-rock anthem from the singer. All at once, it wasn’t just the cool kids who were getting behind Idol, it was their mothers also, who suddenly switched on to the beguiling track.

Over thirty-five years later “Eyes Without a Face” still remains one of, if not the most beloved Billy Idol track of all time. Not least because of the iconic David Mallet directed music video. As you might expect of a track of this stature, it has seen it’s, fair-share of remix action. Although, the track has never sounded as chill as the latest official treatment from LA producer project Poolside. Noted for their daytime disco tracks, Poolside is the right choice for taking the track in a completely new direction.

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The blissed-out production is totally a new flavour to behold. The new mix adds a certain amount of balmy warmth not present in the colder climes of the, 1983, original. Ever been to a space disco party at the beach? Me neither, but if I did it would sound a lot like what Poolside has done with “Eyes Without a Face.” The re-work hasn’t dulled any of the vocal emotiveness, Billy Idol still oozes charisma. The backing vocal from Perri Lister seamlessly slots into the new dreamy soundscape. In fact, it soars like a celestial voice among the starry synths and glistening chimes bells.

I must admit, I had not imagined I would be listening to Billy Idol again in 2021, but here I am, rather in rapture with this Poolside remix.

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