Rhian! is an emerging artist who unquestionably stands out for his remarkable versatility. Furthermore, I have featured him on the blog multiple times, and every time, he never fails to impress. His musical artistry transcends boundaries, and he effortlessly masters various styles. Whether it’s a camp, quirky vibe, a heartfelt ballad, or a disco anthem, Rhian! delivers with equal finesse. Today, we can experience the latter firsthand with the release of his brand new single, “Ecstasy“.

The decision to pursue a dance track does not diminish Rhian!’s vocal abilities. On the contrary, “Ecstasy” is a platform for him to exhibit an expanded range and heightened vocal prowess. This showcases his versatility as an artist and further highlights his confidence in exploring a range of musical styles.

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Selecting a dance track enables him to skillfully capitalize on the energetic and lively musical elements of the song. This approach allows him to artfully convey a narrative that is both playful and alluring. And where he delves into the complexities of an overwhelming and unexplainable attraction.

About the track, Rhian! shares…
I wrote “Ecstasy” one morning after coming home from an infamous nightclub in London. It’s about two people meeting for the first time on the dance floor and having a nonverbal, physical conversation.”

In “Ecstasy” the pulsating beats are provocative and enticing, creating an irresistible energy that electrifies the dancefloor. The lyrics are seductive and alluring, drawing listeners in by exuding mischievous charm. From the very beginning, Rhian! emanates an air of confidence and charisma, performing with the grandeur and presence of an acclaimed disco divo.

The track is an energetic and uplifting pop song. Moreover, it is infused with a sunny, carefree atmosphere of summer and incorporates elements of classic house music. With its infectious rhythm and vibrant melody, the trackhas the power to set any dance floor ablaze. Notably, the song’s message and vibe are especially meaningful and empowering for the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition, the release is a playful and spirited anthem that perfectly captures the essence of celebration and self-expression.

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