Oh! Thank goodness it’s Friday—now I can share the track that’s occupied my headspace all week. I lost count of how many times this song has popped into my head. Whatever I did, be it household tasks, watching TV, on a walk or blogging, the earworm was mischievously always there, even in my quiet moments. The track in question, “NO!” by Rhian!, has struck such a chord that I think it has earwormed its way and taken up the position as my new theme song. When you listen to “NO!” you will understand precisely why I found the infectiousness hard to escape.

An alert about “NO!“. It should come with a warning attached as the track somewhat emits a playful vibe and is effortless that listeners will be drawn into it. However, there is more to “NO!” than exhibiting an insane ear-popping melody alone. The song does have some astute words of wisdom to offer about the power of no. It’s a song about self-preservation and empowering ourselves by saying no to things and situations that make us uncomfortable or don’t align with our beliefs.

The song lyrics demonstrate Rhian! is leading by example…

“Boring me with mundane conversations. I say NO!
Keep telling me that I’m extra. I say NO!
Waiting in a queue outside the club. I say NO!
Sipping champagne from a plastic flute. I say NO!

Learning to own my NO!, learning to know, learning to know, it’s OK to say NO!”

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“NO!” is a song that is hard to pigeonhole, although, definitely not a novelty track. Moreover, it is amusingly entertaining and a quirky piece of work. Excepting the wildly tongue-in-cheek allure. It is Rhian!’s impressive execution, characterised by articulate lyricism and vocal delivery which makes this track stand out.

With the video in mind, it takes only a few seconds of watching the clip to be bitten by its hyper-colourful and fabulous camp spectacle.

Having digested the unbridled quirkiness of the “NO!” earworm betcha want to see Rhian! live now… you’re in luck.

Rhian! will perform live at our summer Pride Showcase at The Camden Club in London on 27th June, headlined by Tia Kofi with additional support from Nic Billington, KEHLI and Osvaldo Supino.

Tickets are available NOW!

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