So, I was watching a clip of DJ Tiesto‘s set at Tomorrowland, and he played a remix of the Cannons track “Fire for You that was absolutely explosive. I haven’t been keeping up with Tiesto’s music lately, but this remix really caught my attention and reminded me of Cannons, who I covered on the blog in 2021. It turns out that Cannons have a new single out right now called “Desire,” which is a sleek and sultry synth-pop track lifted from the band’s upcoming project, “Heartbeat Highway.” This further explains why the trio are about to embark upon an extensive North American headline tour!

I won’t be popping over the pond any time soon. Therefore my way of staying connected to the band and receiving my daily dose of Cannons is purely audio streaming/video-watching orientated. And since “Desire” just came out, the infectious song has been my go-to for getting my Cannons fix lately. Serving also as my way back into the band.

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The track “Desire” by Cannons is so dreamy and chill. The hints of neon-lit 80s nostalgia vibes are just perfect. I love how their music is a classy blend of synth-pop that’s created from a soundscape found at the sonic intersection of electronic music production and pop. Clearly, Cannons is a cut above the norm. Unlike some other electronic-pop bands that are only in it for the thrill of the fun.

They also put out a lovely visualizer of the blissful track. The Ashley Osborn-directed clip is also similarly in keeping with 80s-styled music video aesthetics. The way they used fading and kaleidoscope effects was fun to watch and quite the nostalgia trip. It was a whirlwind of images that had a glamorously retro feel to it.

There’s something about the soothing, blissful-on-the-eardrums music of Cannons that speaks to my soul. It’s like this soundscape just washes over me and fills me up with a sense of power and awe. I could listen to it for hours and never get tired of it.

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