There is probably no-one better qualified or who knows about what it is to be an independent pop artist than Lizzy Paplinger. Who you will likely as not recognise as one half of New York Noir-pop duo MS MR as much as you will be familiar with her as a co-founder of Neon Gold Records. She has, without a doubt, had heavy, involvement in both sides of the independent, pop, equation. You would think, that with all that she writes, produces and curates that she wouldn’t have enough time in her day to consider starting up yet, another new venture, but not so for this highly, creative lady. LPX is her newest, fully independent project, self-funded, self-released and self-managed. A creative outlet, where she experiments with a diverse range of music styles. At present with the newly unleashed track “Delayed Gratification,” Lizzy has alt-pop cravings she wants to satisfy.

If you’ve been hungry for a track which stylistically sounds like a mix of Alanis Morrisette with a side serving of Tori Amos. “Delayed Gratification” will have you fed. The similarity leapt out at me, in the briefest of seconds when first diving in on the release. What’s not to love about a jaunty melody teamed with her suitably idiosyncratic voice. All husky and wonderfully, alluring. It just reminds me that I don’t listen to nearly as much music styled in this way as I should.

I know you’ll be as curious as I was to find out, exactly what the track is all about. Lucky for us, Lizzy has shared this explanation on Instagram

Delayed Gratification” Is a soundtrack to the great pause we all find ourselves in. If this song echoes your own impatience I hope it also provides, the empathy and determination in building a life and a world of your own design, hopefully for the better.”

In summing up. This is a jam with sickeningly addictive hooks. Sharp as a tack, alt-pop, combined with fiercely, intelligent lyrics. A great track, with something in it for most music fans.

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