You know Steven Wrabel has several co-writes for the pop glitterati to his name, yet the same level of acclaim for his own music releases still alludes him.

He’s the guy behind the hits of others and most recently been cited as working with Kesha on new material for her album. Really Wrabel should be given a much more attention, he’s nothing short of being an awesome lyricist. Wrabel’s vocal command is so strong too. And if there is one thing that Wrabel does especially well, it is the amount of feeling that his songs give. Why oh why aren’t more people recognizing this?

Of all Wrabel’s own songs, new release “Bloodstain” weighs in as being his most deeply personal. Just listen to those lyrics. It’s to the letter, auto-biographical I’m suspecting. You’re not going to give such a hit of unparalleled emotion in a performance, if it wasn’t.

When you’ve got the likes of singer/songwriters in Ed Sheeran and Adele currently leading the pop game, the best that can come of it in the long run is that more singer/songwriters are given the same level of appreciation. Steven Wrabel definitely falls into this category, his time to shine fully feels as though it’s been peeping over the horizon for a considerable amount of time. Pretty soon Wrabel’s noticeability is going to rise up on with sun and I’d quite like the powering, emotionally, drenched “Bloodstain” to be the one that does it for him.