We haven’t perhaps mentioned here on EQ Music enough of how much the real electro from Ladytron stokes our fires. Just you all be aware now, it royally does.

To be perfectly honest I’d kind of lost the thread on how active the band as Ladytron have been of late, but I do know individual members have immersed themselves in collaborations and producing for others. There was a brief hint that a new Ladytron album was in the works many moons ago but an update on the progress of that has not materialized.

Instead to get our new Ladytron fix we’ve been compensated by the solo pursuits of lead vocalist / keyboardist (Helen) Marnie to fill the gap with debut album “Crystal World” back in 2013. As we go into another year passing without new Ladytron material, its Marnie who we again look to for our hit of analogue synth nostalgia. As it is she who returns first with a new album in the offing, “Strange Words and Weird Wars”, with the initial taste of it coming via new-wave filled first single “Alphabet Block”.

When you grab a listen to this track you’ll be struck by how suitably it would fit right in alongside the early Little Boots albums, as both LB and Marnie have these dreamy transcending vocals that are given to dancing around an analogue creative playground which is quite fembot and disco bop in equal measure.