A step closer to the release of Helen Marnie’s upcoming sophomore album “Strange World And Weird Wars”, sees the Ladytron front woman Marnie stepping forward with a follow-up single to the new wave filled, 80’s tapped upbeat bop “Alphabet Block” introductory track. By way of the darker, decorated ambience, evoked of “Lost Maps”.

Cutting to the chase, the heavy electronic melody here feels gripped in the same bewitching style of abstract indietronica which is more commonly, exhibited by Goldfrapp. Which in the bigger picture of polished synthiness and pristine production forms a stand-alone moment of disparately involved brooding melody plucked from an album steeped with new-wave glistening, dreamwoven soundscapes.

Nonetheless, even the most sombre leaning track on the album is adept at shedding its chilly sonic undertones, when the full hit of the pulsating chorus and softly spoken vocals over throws the haunting, slow building, plumes of gloom and saturnine attitude.