I couldn’t be happier to have Ronika back with new music again.The DIY disco-pop maker reappeared earlier in the year, dropping off the banging synthpop amazingness of “Loved Up.” The follow-up “Solitaire” lives up to my high expectations. Presented in an electrifying cut. Almost funky, new-wave in style. This is an exciting direction for Ronika to be exploring. And is totally taking me all the way back on a nostalgia trip with Visage’s iconic “Fade to Grey,” not only for the new wave style, because of the French-speaking elements that both tracks also share.

Ronika hasn’t shared much in the way of information about the new track. (Only to confirm additional vocals are by Lee-Ann Curren of the French-American Indie Rock band, Betty The Shark.) She just prepped the release with the tiniest amount of teasing before it gloriously arrived online. Somewhat leaving it like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. As I follow Ronika, there was no chance of the track skipping past me. Given her track record for stellar pop releases, as soon as I spied this new one was coming out, it was immediately placed on my hit-list to check out from all of the week’s new releases.

Ronika is so badass, so not only wrote but produced “Solitaire” herself. On the track, she sings “The way you make me feel. I have everything I need, deep within my armoury, don’t need you to feel alive.” She said it how it is with these words. She can make her own happiness and doesn’t require the intervention of anyone else to ease her, into her happy, contented place. Oh, I love her strong, mind, and this song, the positive effect it evokes. After a few listens, the song was hot-wired into my brain and making my circuitry tingle. In fact, the track sparkles with magic and life-affirming energy. As if we didn’t already know, Ronika is kinda brilliant at the pop song malarky, isn’t she?

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