Look who is back with new music. It is the brilliant, DIY disco pop maker Ronika. The reason it has been a while since we’ve heard from her? She’s had two babies and been on mum duties. Having weaned her little ones, the attention is turning back to mum’s music making (which she began working on last summer.) I know full well from my own experience, having children gives you a new perspective on life. I suspect all mothers would tell you no different. By her own admission, Ronika remarks that “Loved Up” is her most personal and authentic record yet. Hearing this comment from the singer, first, makes me excited about the new music, while secondly, eager to share Ronika’s latest disco dazzler with you.

Pressing play on “Loved Up” we are greeted to a bonanza of retro synth sound. Less soulful than her previous efforts but nonetheless radiatingly, alluring. It is helped along with stellar production from Norwegian Grammy winner Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. I love that on this song, they have decided to merge older electronic styles yet embrace a newer groovy flair as well. The warm yet banging synthpop amazingness is such that it will enable any listener to instantly fall in love with these vibes.

Loved Up” crackles with 80s’ pop sentiment and nu-disco electricity.The vocals are especially divine, Ronika carries the track skywards creating a continuous state of bliss. Whereas stylistically it is infectious, epic and danceable, with a sound that might make Kylie a little jealous. Best of all, Ronika says it is “The first of a series of disco noir, dream-pop inspired singles to soundtrack your best midnight self.”

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