Raindear is a Swedish electronic indie/pop music and production act of Stockholm artist Rebecca Bergcrantz who committedly creates her, own sound topped off with distinctive and hauntingly, catchy melodies. The newcomer first began to make waves in, 2016 with the album “Embers” and then again just recently, sonically bearing single “Diamonds In My Chest“, caused a similar stir of buzzy interest. The relative newcomer has now won over my favour also with the follow-up release called “Sky” since it is that extra little bit synthy and spellbinding.

Bergcrantz sleek and beautifully crafted beats perfectly accentuate their mysterious, yet very, distinct appearance. At the same time low-key and yet light years ahead with a slow release of melancholy, the bittersweet combination has an accent pointing towards the shimmery sweet rather than stinging of jagged, bitterness. “Sky” mixes slick, ultra-modern production that oozes sonic vibes which helps to exemplify her eerily beautiful, off-kilter electronic pop and sweet, spectral vocals.

The track, a fairytale anthem with a bohemian nature, about that inner world you decide to stay in after lovers have let you down. Is interspersed with all sorts of ethereal happenings and a storming synth hook that loiters in the background before all of a sudden hitting you in the face after reaching a climatic chorus. In her sound world of contemporary and offbeat electronics, Raindear evokes an arresting world of desperation and darkness that others would likely shy away from, that is filled with melodic and emotional significance, driving the song headlong. This captivating singer-songwriter, producer offers a dreamy, haunting sound that will etch its way into your mind and seep into your subconscious long after you’ve finished listening.

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