Stockholm based artist and producer Raindear is gearing up to release her sophomore album “Skies to My Name” this week. She heads up the release by sharing the track “Grace” a pulsating, synth decorated tune which seems most certainly destined for inclusion on playlists of the chilled out variety this summer. As I am one of many, who are tired of summer releases timelessly tapping into tropical grooves. The mystical feel Raindear has chosen to go with on this track is quite a palette cleanser. Works well because of evoking a sultry soundscape. Hazy, breezy somewhat blurring the lines into otherworldliness.

Speaking about her latest offering, Raindear explains.

“”Grace“, is about different sorts of dependences and co-dependences in life. It’s about breaking free from everything. It’s about becoming your new self, a process that is not always completely harmless. It’s about being a strong person and how the strength is shown in letting your weaknesses be seen.”

As we have visited Raindear’s music before on the track “Sky” (featuring on the new album.) We are reminded once again that raw and emotionally significant narrative and lyrics play a big part in her work. “Grace” further demonstrates her passion for experimenting with unusual sounds and instruments. An added element of excitement, which is sure to have ears pricked in curiosity by avid followers of new emerging Scandinavian pop acts.

It is this bold, authentic, experimental melodic pop which assists in standing her apart from the crowd. Segued layers of harmonies and melodic colour define her sound. It’s not just a style. It’s a state of mind which she cleverly implants into our consciousness. Heady and brilliantly catchy synth-pop. Sung with almost childlike wonder. Raindear is certainly one of the brightest new prospects to come out of Stockholm right now.

Connect with Raindear
Twitter: @RaindearMusic