I first wrote about Toffe last year when the up-and-coming Swedish multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer debuted glorious, official single “Painting Pictures“. The track was an addictive debut recording, definitely creating a positive impression with its synth-rich melody and rippling 80’s vibes. A new single “Riverside” has just been unleashed so, onwards with more of Toffe’s sophisticated songs for grown-ups and synth-pop connoisseurs.

I love how “Riverside” sounds fresh yet reassuringly familiar. It’s upbeat, happy, and makes you feel all sort of things but mostly, makes you want to fist pump, punch the air and partake of some happy dancing. Toffe says, “Riverside is a song about taking responsibility for our actions, not looking to place blame elsewhere. Just as we find ourselves over-encumbered with a tainted conscience we see our river of choice, shining in the afternoon sun as it is about to set, promising to wash away all our wrongdoings, waking us the next morning clean and refreshed only to repeat the cycle.”

This release feels as though we’re getting an early head start to energised summertime listening. The ear-catching, melody of the song is certainly decked with technicolour and has a killer singalong chorus which invites us to chant an incredible amount of oh, oh, oh’s. It’s the kind of track which would sound good on daytime radio as it similarly would out there in the great, outdoors at a festival gathering. As its carefree sunshine pop perfectly evokes endless summer, the song definitely, makes you wish you were somewhere other than the dismal UK at the moment. Like somewhere preferably hot, with the yellow thing in the sky that we don’t see enough of and off on our holiday.

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