I am rather pleased that this towering electronic pop song “Painting Pictures” came along from Swedish Newcomer Toffe today, because I gotta tell you I’m getting more than a little hungry for a flavoursome square meal of complete unabashed electro-pop proportions to satisfy just the edge of my craving for the stuff.

The buzz actually began circulating around Stockholm artist Toffe last year with this song, but in its re-emergence the track now acts as Toffe’s official debut release.

Really it’s a simple case of what’s not to like about “Painting Pictures”. When the melody is so rich and synth endowed with an 80’s rippling melody line as pulsating and peachy as this is. It is the antidote to turn a frown upside down, leaving a happy emoji face in its place.

Whilst, it is all so easy to become swept up in the synth-pop euphoria of the song, taking the time to really listen to the lyrics gives a clear message, which is basically keep focused on your goals and any obstacle that springs up in the way, will feel like more of a bump than a mountain to overcome.

Painting Pictures” serves as a very polished debut and it’s not being released by a huge label or nothing, it’s out through a smaller independent – Quiet One Recordings/AWAL. Yet it really sounds major label worthy.

It’s all down to those Swedes again. They are all so good in what they do and don’t we just know it listening to this!