Without a shadow of a doubt, we all know how overwhelming New Music Friday is.The number of releases by established or label-backed artists often overshadow much of what is put out by DIY artists and musicians who are very much calling the shots on their own. One such up-and-coming independent artist Gid Sedgwick and the track “Ochos” came to my attention a short while ago. It was refreshing to discover just how intent he is to shun hopping on the latest music trends but instead turn his whole focus on creating a style which sets him apart from others.

The title track from Gid’s EP “Ochos” showed a creative insight which I found exciting. The spoken vocal style and deep resonating synths especially mapping out a unique spin on a musics tyle which above all else is self-made and distinctive. Friday marked the release of the “Ochos” EP, and as the title suggests to the Spanish speaking people among us, it is a release comprised of eight tracks in total. Gid kindly sent over the EP to me a while ago. And, when I say it’s a mini album which I have really, enjoyed listening too. I am not by any means, using this term lightly.

From the mastery of his independent recording, the “Ochos” EP casts a spell of magic over me, primarily because of Gid Sedgwick’s authentic style of storytelling and lyricism. If I’m forced to place it in boxes anywhere in the music landscape, a spot in the indie sector between Blur, and The 1975, feels good. The EP delivers on gutsy storytelling, compelling songwriting, and radiant harmonies. In the eight-track body of work, there is a strong current of revitalising melodic energy in evidence where each track diversify’s style-wise from one another. Worthy shout out’s from the EP go to “Paper Clip” and “Born Bored Kids” these are tracks which you should not miss, at all costs. Gid’s, observational songwriting craft is on display at it’s best to my mind. It’s sharp as a tack and relatable to what goes on in everyday life.

I know this will sound disparaging, and that I’m having a dig at them, but I’m going to say it anyway. Sooner or later even the fans band of the moment Pale Waves will start waking up to the fact that their songs sound kind of, well actually quite a lot the same. And, the band’s image, association with The 1975, over content, is what’s currently grabbing them lots of attention. All I’m saying is. More than a few of these fans might well have their eyes opened to a compelling songwriter, who is flip-reverse substance over style. Someone who they could similarly, relate to if they’d take a moment to start listening to Gid Sedgwick. A good place to start on their journey of Gid Sedgwick discovery is definitely, with the “Ochos” EP.

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