I first heard of indie-pop chanteuse Ghita when she teamed up with rising NYC producer Mickey Valen last year on the track “How Low“. However, at the time I wasn’t feeling the song because it was a shade too Rihanna for my taste. I enjoyed the vocal yet, thought it would be best to allow Ghita to find her sound as there was just too much of a saturation of emerging female artists approaching pop with a R’n’B slant. It was hard to single out who had the best potential to avoid becoming a one-hit wonder.

A year on Ghita returns with a spikier edge. The vocal feels more committed and sparky on “Mindfvck“. It’s brimming with the confidence and determination of a song that appears likeliest to score the singer her biggest hit to date.

Also onboard are co-writers Jesse St John, Francci and Peter Hanna who between them have contributed penning hits for Britney, Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen and The Chainsmokers. These are people who know what sounds good on radio and have given the track a good chance at gaining radio exposure with memorable lyrics and big beats. “Mindfvck“, has good pop sensibility and a cool edge. It’s, catchy, sassy and youthful and a step in the right direction for the buzzworthy newcomer.

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