It was in October that I wrote about the spunky song “Mindfvck” by pop newcomer Ghita, and it has definitely, remained one of the most, memorable, releases to my mind during the run-up to the end of the year. Aside from the provocative lyrics which at first leap out alluringly, the song’s super, catchy melody is one that instantly sticks in the memory and has the ability, to have us joining in all within a quick minute.

I, really love the quirky metallic beats that punch out the poptastic melody of the track because when they are intermingled, with accents of string arrangements the song as a whole, takes-off on a bigger level, of infectiousness. It goes widescreen. The song is created, of bold and cinematic worlds on a collision course with the pop charts in mind. I absolutely, know “Mindfvck” has a place on the radio waves if we all continue pushing it so that it achieves the lucky break it deserves.

Now this gem of a track has an added extra tool to raise awareness of it’s classy, cool appeal with – a video. The visual doesn’t have any great, storyline to it but doesn’t have to. All that is really, necessary is, we get an introduction to Ghita to see for ourselves who this effervescent young talent is. The way in which she cooly struts around in the film clip suggests she’s empowered, with confidence and has a sparkly pop star in the making presence. Maybe it’s just me but, I see shades of Dua Lipa’s earliest mesmerising qualities being an influence and, we all know what a hot ticket she’s become the last couple of years. I am hopeful that Ghita will go on to replicate a reasonable amount if not a considerable success for herself. By the sheer, pop flavours of “Mindfvck” alone, I think we definitely, need to keep an eye on her.

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