Back in 2014 Stockholm trio, NONONO made their presence felt with a debut album of unblemished, synth strewn, indie pop gems. The band’s icy anthem “Hungry Eyes” also picked up lucrative coverage on Samsung’s Galaxy IV televisual campaign.

When the fervour surrounding the album promotion died down the band began concentrating on gathering inspiration for the follow-up. When not in the studio, this took vocalist Stina Wäppling to exotic climes, travelling through Asia, Sri Lanka and Bali.

NONONO’s sophomore effort has been a while in the making, but, the band have now said that it’s as good as ready by unleashing “Masterpiece“, their first new track in three years. The single is epic while delightfully flowing of pop quirks and is different which instantly makes it stand out. Astma, Rocwell and Stina of the band have been ingenious in the way they have formed this eclectic fusion of ideas not least because, it creates a fresh, fascinating sound, tantalises the audio senses and has our attention.

There is much to be excited about in NONONO’s return who appear even more confident in their abilities to come right out with a distinctive single of such stunning calibre as “Masterpiece“.

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