At first Stockholm trio NONONO came at us “Like The Wind” sending our ears instantly into the eclectically primed rapture of their whirlpool of glacial avant-garde harmony, added to this they then went on “Pumpin Blood” through our playlists when padded out by a battering of drum pads that carried into a hook up with an assembly line of workmen style whistles, launching them to radio awareness and visual ad campaign’s on our tellyboxes for Samsung’s Galaxy IV.

I V to hi-five the Swedes return to fixate us with their “Hungry Eyes” and there’s neither no Dirty Dancing or Eric Carmen or baby in the corner to draw us away from this twinklingly unblemished indie pop morsel.

These “Hungry Eyes” batter their synth pop glittery lashes at a fluttering of indie pop steel guitar strings that wend themselves into the cracked surface of the icy alchemy of this shivery and delightful Scandinavian styled pop anthem.

The hook in this is not quite so obvious as NONONO’s previous effort “Pumpin Blood” but all the same it has a sneaky way of leaving its glistening imprint within your sub-consciousness when it’s received a cycle of 2 or 3 plays.