Simon Curtis has been teasing his return to music for quite a while, (most actively on Twitter) along with sharing some stunning snaps of flowers on his Instagram. I’ve been wondering where he was leading us because it has been a very long time since Simon’s last album “R∆” was released (2011, to be exact.) Of all days he snuck back on Valentine’s day with new single “Love.” To be honest, I thought about whizzing up a review post immediately after this track had dropped but it occurred to me, going on the song title alone, the target audience of loved up people would be otherwise engaged in loved-up activities, loved-up couples do on Valentines. Whereas singletons, tend to block the day out altogether, avoid the topic and go watch “Happy Death Day 2” at the cinema. (I know people who did this.)

Given the time we’ve waited for this new material from Simon Curtis to arrive, I was expecting a departure in sound from the earlier electronically vibrant works. He certainly, flip-reversed his style, 360 degrees on “Love” to sonically lush and spellbinding instead. Speaking with Paper Magazine who premiered the track, Simon elaborates on “Love.”

“It’s about looking in the mirror and thanking the universe, or God, and clicking into that frequency where you fully acknowledge how beautiful your own existence is.”

With that said, the relevance of those floral Instagram pics is cleared up once and for all. Any remaining nagging doubts could be firmly put back on the shelf, as soon as the accompanying lyric video came out. It details Simon appreciating the spectacle of nature, connecting with his surroundings and taking inspiration from them. Now just wait up a minute, because I’ve seen these same themes and the influence of nature used, similarly before in electronic pop quite recently, by The Sound Of Arrows. By coincidence, the more “Love” by Simon Curtis progresses, the more it taps into The Sounds Of Arrows vibe (you’ll understand precisely what I’m referring to when the track hits the 2:37 mark and beyond.)

In 2019, I wasn’t expecting Simon Curtis’s return to music with a sound similarly close in style to that of The Sound Of Arrows. Nevertheless, I am embracing it, because it is a strength which we haven’t seen from Simon before, plus it goes without saying it is a very good song.

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