Watch “Beautiful Life” by The Sound Of Arrows

If ever we needed a song as much in our lives right now that is musically uplifting. The Sound Of Arrows “Beautiful Life” is totally the track that we should all look too.

I have already shared my thoughts on this powerfully, sweeping first choice of single from Stefan and Oscar, but as a reminder, it is massively pop shaped on a scale of cinematic. It could be put up there against the most successful of Take That productions, this is the level of enormous we are talking about.

Similarly the supporting video is a timely reminder to appreciate all of what goes around us. Take time to stop, look and take in all the splendour and wonder, that is right under our noses. Be enlightened and it doesn’t have to be on a spiritual level even. The Sound Of Arrows help us to regain some positivity with film clips of natural wonders. Endless blue oceans which metaphorically speak of vastness and countless opportunities. It’s thoughts such as these that fill Stefan’s head upon waking up in the morning, as the video does an excellent job in conveying to us.

I’m setting myself the goal of watching this video first thing every day for the next week, as I am certain that it’s influence will have a positive effect to my day. You might well wish to do the same.