Who is with me, in finding these darker winter mornings a total drag? Although, being tempted at the prospect of sleepily snoozing in for a little bit longer, while cocooned in the thermal warmth of the duvet. With reluctance, I slid out from beneath the blankety covers, as I do have a list of daily tasks which need to be addressed. For those times like today, when a kick-start of caffeine isn’t enough. I seek out the biggest tune, to lift me out of my wintry headspace that my index finger can press the play button on. Gazing into my inbox, I found Captain Cuts laying in wait, much like the superheroes in my hour of need. Bringing me the much-needed jump start to get my engine up and running. The DJ trio provide, “Heat” with their latest effort, featuring the buttery vocals of Parson James.

The collaboration, has me starting the week on a disco, dance floor, note. Having been influenced by the tracks funky bassline. I noted an instantaneous spring in my step occur. A swaggering strut notably replaced my usual light-footed plod as I took an early morning walk to the grocery store. Changes all directly, owing to the effects of listening to this track.

Truth be known. Being that I am someone who fees the cold, greatly. The title of the track, alone “Heat,” filled my head with welcoming thoughts. At the present time, I wouldn’t say my immediate thinking is on the same wavelength as the guys of the Captain Cuts outfit. Who, utilize the soulful voice of Parson James to suggest creating a more physical form of heat. Using the verb in a sexier context. There are lots of references suggesting body-to-body contact. “Put your heat on mine. I want to feel your heat.” All rather, inevitable of a song which is targeted, towards the clubs.

Whether writing or producing for charting artists such as Bebe Rexha, Tove Lo, Halsey, and The Chainsmokers, among others. Captain Cuts continue taking the electronic pop scene by storm, now seemingly on a new mission to make us dance.

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