The last time I wrote about production duo The Knocks they had invited Matthew Koma to collaborate with them on the, 2015 release “I Wish” (My Taylor Swift)” which found it’s way onto the prolific New York City hit-making, electronic duo’s debut album, “55“. 2017, has seen the beat makers turn out another EP “Testify” which true to form featured a whole host of collaborators MNEK, Sam Nelson Harris of the X Ambassadors, Absofacto, Delacey, Tayla Parx and JERM. Right in time for party season, the duo has dropped a new hot jam called “House Party“, and it’s pretty damn banging.

The track features additional production touches from LA production/remix outfit Captain Cuts who provide an extra helping of funky rhythms and wavy beats. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that The Knocks recently tied up they’re sold out, headline tour of North America which was aptly named “Feel Good Feel Great” because the grooviness of “House Party” really, does bring all the feel-good vibes to the yard.

When The Knocks could have easily jumped, on a video treatment that quite, simply had shots, of people freaky dancing, they plumped for something a touch deeper although, no less fun. The video actually, brings together New Yorkers from all walks of life and runs a theme of an all-inclusive party, which is best left explained by the words of director Austin Peters via PaperMag.com. The visual is “dedicated to anyone who moved to (NYC) to be who they have always been.”

My parting comment about the visual is, it looks as though Studio 54 opened up in The Knocks living room. Big beats. Big bass. In a celebration of audiovisual joy, is what a “House Party” means to the respected NYC duo.

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