LA duo Sleeping Wolf are reliably good at turning out magnetically engaging electronic pop songs served with an alt-indie / rock edge. From their confident beginnings with tracks “The Wreck of Our Hearts” and “Blindfold to last years sterling EP “The Fire” and its figurehead single “Ghost” the duo never show a lack of cool-headed, collected conviction in all that they set their minds too. They recently put out “Get You Alone” as the super-duper, catchy new single, it has a tuneful blast of indie energy, which is very welcome at this point in the year.

The song is a refreshing break from the wistfully nostalgic tracks filled with melancholy which mushroom at a rate of knots in the dark, winter season. Sleeping Wolf are ushering away the darkness with a punchy electronic pop assault on the senses which flexes densely layered production beats as a way to assert the song narrative. As the band explain, “Get You Alone” is full of the grinding angst that comes with sexual obsession. This song is about when someone hijacks your very soul, leaving you without common sense. Surrender to the vibes.”

Dealing with difficult, subject matter, “Get You Alone” is built on fragile emotions and dark passions as much as sonic elements.It is not often that an electro-rock track features haunting vocals. Jake Newton shows us it can be done, by taking another road toward 80s new romanticism. The track has sensitivity, statement lyrics and an undeniable biting edge but, all the elements add up to make a bold impression in the closing weeks of 2017.

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