Sleeping Wolf 1

It speaks volumes when a newly formed band instantly picks up favour for one of their tracks to be used on a movie soundtrack, I mean you really cannot get a better kick-starter than that! By the same token in the further outlook of longevity, you’d best set the wheels in motion quick smart to raise some tuneage up in figuratively striking whilst the iron is hot with interest.

Up and coming L.A. alternative pop duo Sleeping Wolf have had this exact situation laid at them already, but the thing is in their year long partnership together, producer Steven Solomon and front-man Jake Newton have expediently worked up a credible amount of material designed of the alternative-pop spectrum whilst heavily featured of electronic synth-pop elements.

I have actually had my eye on the Sleeping Wolf project for a few months now, and in this time, I have gotten to know them through their music, I can see nothing but a cohesive music partnership that is rapidly going from strength to strength as it grows with each track release and I am keen to see develop further.

It’s well worth checking out the duo’s Soundcloud full of material to be honest, but in taster to Sleeping Wolf’s diverse range of style here’s a few picks of mine that especially piqued my initial interest in the band, along with a FREE DOWNLOAD to be looking into of their latest powering work “Blindfold”, coming atcha after the audio streams.

The Wreck Of Our Hearts” included in the movie soundtrack of “Mission Blue

FREE DOWNLOAD “Blindfold” by Sleeping Wolf