I am so glad I can now talk about Micky Blue’s new single “Famous,” which I have been secretly obsessing over and sworn in secrecy about for the past few weeks. The electronic pop singer, and songwriter, from New York City and London, now residing in the UK capital city. Has been diligently pushing forward over the past few years as to make a name for herself in the pop music realm. She made some notable headway in her ambitions with “Good Love” released on Wax Records, last year. So much exciting stuff has happened since there are two collaborations with Tiesto another with Lauv. The DJ/producer types seem to be clambering over themselves to team up with her.

With the arrival of “Famous“, I can quite see why Micky is proving a popular choice for vocal duties. Her voice has all the required pop sensibilities, topped off with lovely musicality and honeyed tonality. The perfect blend of sugary pop candy for our ears. Also very bubbly and melodic. After years of writing music, singing and performing on stage, she’s ready to show the world she’s on the hot tip. She’s stirred up excitement among a new breed of talent ready to sneak up on us and catch us by surprise. I’d say she’s a hot pop proposition, waiting to happen. With exhilarating vocals and songs like “Famous” in place, it really is time to pay attention to Micky Blue.

Speaking of the track, Micky reveals,

“Famous is the first song I wrote post-breakup, of a three-year-long relationship. I realised that this person who I thought loved me, as much as I loved him was really only in love with the idea of me. People have this idea that being an artist, or dating an artist, is glamorous but in reality, it’s more hard work and rejection than VIP parties and expensive champagne. Writing this song helped me process my break-up, and celebrate the strength of the real me, not just the glamorous self we all project to the world. I hope this song empowers others to seek and find their own incredible self-worth.”

Interested to hear more about Micky Blue? Why don’t you, check out this fab interview she gave with Sasha Brown of Hoxton Radio, recently.

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