Some might say, we are late to the party when singling out emerging production artist Lauv for this review of his track “Paranoid” is concerned.

However, the real news is, we were hotter on the case than most, singing his praises a little before everyone else jumped on board. Our story goes back to the beginning of 2014 when I received an email from the burgeoning producer, he wasn’t called Lauv then but was using the artist name Epique, instead. Even from the first track, he sent over a strong sense of musicianship and polished production skills shone out. At the time my initial comments were “Even though it is early days, Epique certainly, appears to have the know-how and touch that might possibly take him to the big time, or at the very least, to a more prominent standing within the genre.” Pinch me now as I can’t quite believe how on the ball I was.

The most fascinating, point to come out from the 23-year-old singer, songwriter and producer’s unfolding story from the interim to the present, is, he still remains independent. These days on YouTube he clocks up millions of views in double-digit, figures while pretty much the same applies to viral audio streams on Spotify as well. While I have found the material Lauv has been putting out enjoyable, I’ve wanted him to take a risk and step away from the mass-appreciated, safer EDM style. The track I’ve been holding out for was added to his ongoing playlist project, titled “I met you when I was 18” last new music Friday.

The track “Paranoid” shows some progression for the self-produced singer-songwriter. The pared-back electronic elements allow the tracks lyrically darker subject matter to achieve emotive, gripping impact. Oh, and the chilling atmosphere of the song really, does leave a mark with you after it ends. To have a hug from your special someone afterwards would be advisable.

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