Is pop newcomer Girl Wilde as wild by nature as her name suggests? In as much as the handful of alt-pop anthem’s which she already has under her belt reveal. Her kickass pop offerings meet expectations. She is a singer-songwriter with some serious fire in her belly and author of some punchy words. Take her latest track “I Don’t Wanna Die” where the moody title alone sets off the ringing of alarm bells. This feels such a dark statement to make yet, also begs some probing answers to deep questions. What drama has happened to bring on such gloomy feelings?

The lyrics of the song suggest she is having a bad day. Worse than that, it is a run of bad luck which lingers on. Following her around like a dark cloud. She is actually saying, ‘at least’, “I Don’t Wanna Die” as a way to deal with the catalogue of dramas which are locked in a battle with a glimmer of good karma. She has resorted to doing the self-help type things we do, turning to drink, alcohol to numb these feelings. But she is caught up in a wreckless cycle of angst and going of the rails.

A blend of rock meets pop meets electronica, forms the metal to shield off the singers, painful and vulnerable thoughts. These bold beats are vibrantly dynamic, exuding a rebellious style. This pop-rocker holds nothing back, including toxicity all pulled from experience. She really is letting us into what is going on in her darkest of moments. Girl Wilde was never, not going to make an impression with this song. Who does she remind me of? Undoubtedly, Pink!, Avril Lavigne or Gwen Stefani. With names like that, it is no small task to enter this arena. Like her peers, Girl Wilde has tenacity in bucket loads. Ballsy pop songs like “I Don’t Wanna Die” will keep us paying close attention.

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Twitter: @ImGirlWilde