Hurrah for Strange Talk, who are brightening up the electronic pop sphere with their animated brand of synth-pop on “Cosmic Synchronicity” the Melbourne duos first release in two years, since “Y.O.U.N.G.H.E.A.R.T.S“. It is, really nice to have Gerard Sidhu and Stephen Docker back particularly at a time in the year when electronic pop has a tendency to become sonically brooding. Strange Talk’s style has never been this way. At first, with their roots in indie-pop, the duo have never quite left the gritty appeal of the genre behind. What they continue to bring to the table aligns with the gleaming, chromatic approach championed by the likes of Cut Copy and Fenech-Soler.

After finding early success. Strange Talk were faced with a number of label, management and personal changes which set them back. Their upcoming EP will be the independent re-birth of Strange Talk. The news already sounds like music to my ears. The duo have looked to the heavens for inspiration on their latest work. “Cosmic Synchronicity” plumps for a futuristic vibe with some dreamy, nostalgic wonderment mixed in through the lyrics of the song. The track grapples with humankind’s fascination with the universe. The possibility of there being other life-forces which have superior power over the human race than we know about. A topic which will never get old.

In Strange Talk, I now know I have something to look forward to with regard to imminent electronic-pop releases. The vibe and groove of the duos latest work bask in a neon-like glow. The rippling synths permeate a transcendental quality. This adds an air of mystery and blissful intrigue. A song with indelible hooks and irresistible beats, with something of a retro sound. Has staved off the wintry blues from settling in, early. The upcoming EP is off to good start with “Cosmic Synchronicity.”

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