Strange Talk

The buzz surrounding Australian synth-pop outfit, turned duo Strange Talk carried them right out of obscurity three years ago, largely enjoying success on their home turf and stateside.

Had they really chosen to push it to the UK, their splendid debut album “Cast Away” had all the shaping’s to earn them a considerable amount of interest over here too.

As it transpired, there were changes afoot. The band became a duo and the direction took a more direct turn into the realm of synth-pop.

That debut album though, “Cast Away” housed some phenomenal tracks aside from the promotional singles and I always thought not releasing the heavily anthemic track “Young Hearts” to a world-wide market was quite the missed opportunity.

What do you know, it must have been an old favourite of the band and their fans at large too, because Stephen and Gerard have livened it up with full-on synth-pop attitude and radio friendly vibes to stem the breach into the release of the new material they have been working on.

Now fashioned as “Y.O.U.N.G.H.E.A.R.T.S.”. The track weighs in as massive crowd pleaser through this vibrant interpretation, not that in its original form it was anyway short of being as such but the deeper synth textures on this reimaging are certainly taking it up to that higher ascending level which it has always been deserving of.