After, following the music for the past four years, I’ve come to recognise Belgrave creates forlorn, emotive songs which chart the trails of the heart. In a style which is introspectively leaning, the London based singer-songwriter directs his lyrical narratives highlighted by topics with a bittersweet edge which allow him to ponder the deeper meanings of life and love. In turn, putting these thoughts into soundscapes dripping with ambience on soul-stirring songs. I’ve always thought his heartfelt, sonic pop balladeering, to be quite intense and mysterious it reflects the rather enigmatic, brooding Belgrave persona which comes through in his songs. I haven’t heard anything from him for a good couple of years, but he has a new EP “Riviera” on the way at the end of the month, and from it, he’s dropping off a new single “Cheat.” It no doubt means he’s had his heart ripped apart, and we’re about to hear him sing in his usual poetically and philosophically manner, while addressing the circumstances which he needs to take stock and learn from, in order to heal and move on.

Belgrave’s captivating vocal and sonically, layered productions showcase a sense of melody and turn of phrase that takes centre stage and have us fawning over the intimacy, shared on the singer’s tracks. In listening to “Cheat” there is no getting away from the fact, he’s a songwriter of extraordinary, dexterity as, much as he’s a vocalist of visceral, power. By blending, soft electronic, textures together, Laurie Belgrave creates melancholic songs which nonetheless are teeming, with heart-on-sleeve emotion. Once the silver-voiced crooner begins to sing, his gorgeous falsetto will pull you in, instantly and leave you craving more. So it’s just as well, there’s the “Riviera” EP full of similarly accomplished offerings, we can look forward to directly, around the corner.

Connect with Belgrave
Twitter: @thisisBELGRAVE