New pop doesn’t come much fresher arrived out of the oven than what we are about to hear from London based newcomer Belgrave (especially with not much to go on concerning the artist)

Cloaked in mystery with the strength of vocals playing out as his guiding trump card, South Londoner Belgrave juts out of a smoky cloud of atmospherically levitating sonic pulses and arrives debuting with a questioning introspective lament, in “Is Love Enough”.

Topically, the debut appears suitably aligned to the nature of so many Bright Light Bright Light pieces infatuated in the sentiment of the burning and questioning ways of love. Heartfelt, engaging and giving food for thought.

What we do know from all we all hear is that Belgrave appears part Theo Hutchcraft (Hurts) part Dan Smith (Bastille) coated in chocolate – (when they both nail down their lower ranges), as comes suggestive and deduced from the prowess of Belgrave’s vocals at any rate.

The seismic pull of these truly achingly projected vocals risen against the sweeping oscillations of melodramatic themed, padded electronic motion is rightfully consuming of multiple play action.

Seriously if the whole pot lot of “Is Love Enough” doesn’t in some way carve your heart up I don’t know what would!

Prepare the ascent of the one called Belgrave, may we be lucky in the hope that he might bring us many more epically arresting tunes in the future.