I don’t remember how I came to be a fan of Tara Mobee on Spotify. Although I expect at some time or other, the singer must have popped up as a recommendation on one of the many playlists I follow. Suffice to say, I must have detected a sparkle of good and liked what I heard to take such action. I am glad, a new song by the singer “ATYTA” (All That You Talk About) appeared on my Spotify Release Radar on Friday. The track is much better than the majority of songs vying for placement on EQ, sent into me last week.

The best thing is, “ATYTA” is an upbeat electronic-pop song. Which believe it or not, was a commodity which was somewhat thin on the ground submissions wise, these past seven days. In this respect, Tara has presented us with an undiscovered gem. The song is cheery, exuding a hopeful tone and boasts a sing-a-long chorus. It seems to be about, receiving some unwanted attention from a person who is spreading untruths about this lovely lady and who refuses to back down from continuing with these actions. Tara doesn’t entertain this behaviour, she’s well over whatever it was that they had together. The sticky situation has given a nice, bouncy, musical earworm to delight in though.

Ping! I have just had a lightbulb moment. I now remember why I followed Tara Mobee on Spotify, in the first place. It was because of the Icelandic singer competing in the Söngvakeppnin 2019 (the national Iceland final for song selection to go through to Eurovision.) Tara finished up a respectable fifth position with the track “Fighting For Love“, losing out to overall winners Hatari.

To tell the truth, I prefer”ATYTA” better than the Eurovision entry, because there is a little something in the vocal here which reminds me of ALMA. I know that ALMA has been busy pairing up with Tove Lo, recently for pop stormer “Bad as the Boys“. But I would so love for the babes, Tara and ALMA to duet, I think it would work out extremely well.

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